Small galaxy strategies?

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Small galaxy strategies?

Postby sennenhund » Wed Apr 15, 2009 1:47 pm

Hi all,

From my understanding most people rarely play in small galaxies.
However, that's exactly the setup I usually play with a friend, as we can usually finish it in a couple of hours.
Based on our encounters I am wondering if maybe slightly different rules apply to playing in small galaxies, i.e. a lot more strategies seem viable as alternatives to "playing by the book" (i.e. UniTol etc.).

My observations/thoughts so far, to be precise:

1. Since games are much quicker it does not seem possible for me to follow the "standard tech path". I am usually under attack before even thinking about SuperComps. Hence, weaponry much earlier is a necessecity.

2. As mentioned, armed combat occurs much earlier. I'd like to point out that we DONT play "blitz strategies". There is proper development, but from turn 60 to 70 onwards it is suicide not to have some ships (and be it the dared missile frigates) in place...
So what would be the ideal tech path?
I am usually _horribly_ lacking in at least one area, since I still try to put most emphasis onto development (i.e. autofacs, supercomp, robominers, cloning).

3. A lot more strategies seem viable.
I lost one game because my friend took "transdimensional". While I initially laughed and though "5 picks wasted, this will be easy", in fact
my ships stood not a chance in combat. Though I could pump out cruisers, they got slaughered in combat, and finally I surrendered.

4. The initial homeworld is far more important. Since you'll only have about 3-4 other colonies before war is imminent, the homeworld holds proportionally more people and more production than in large galaxies...
4a) UniTol does not seem that good to me anymore. Because of the higher pop, UniSub seems a lot better now.
4b) Strategies which give instant boosts seem more viable now. I am specifically thinking about:
+ Warlord: due to lack of starbases before turn 100, warlord looks pretty attractive now.
+ Money (+BC): being able to buy alot instead of building is pretty good to get a bit ahead in the beginning.

These are just my observations - I'd be very interested in your analysis and thoughts! (even when not plying that setup)

And damn, last game I lost again - I played UniSub+ProdRwhLwh, and while being ahead in tech, pop and economic power, again I fell pray to his warships blasting my colonies into pieces (this time I lacked a drive, so my ships had no chance catching up with his ion drive equipped fleet)


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Postby Hothgadt » Thu Apr 16, 2009 5:22 am

I think the timing for small galaxies is very similar to the timing for huge galaxy with 8 players. This is a setting that we have often played, although we lack the skill of the pros here.
My friends and me believe UniAqua+2LargeRich is better than unitol there because of head start in teching (need less farmers, skip cloners/soil enrich, supercomp only after ion drive&other war tech in place) Perhaps UniAqua+2Arti, depending on starting age and galaxy setup. Get Deuterium and pollution processor, since you will not soon have time for further missle tech. And of corse make sure your friend does not get away with going supercomp and/or robo-fac.

Just keep the pressure high.

Fun setup that.
Those are my principles!
If you don't like them: I have others!

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