Playing Multiplayer Games without bad balanced Races

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Playing Multiplayer Games without bad balanced Races

Postby MadViper » Wed Jan 28, 2009 6:00 pm

I love to play Master of Orion2 in MP Mode. But there is one thing i really don't like.
To have a Chance to win, you have to Choose one of the "uber Races" who are much more powerful than the standard-Races (non customized Races).

Are there other Players, who are sick about Playing in MP Games with 100% Unification + Abusive + something (just uber) Races as well?

For Example: Many expierienced MOO2 players say, that feudalism races are just chanceless and useless in Mp Games.
Yes that is true, but this is because of the bad balanced Unification-Races they are playing with. Feudalism races aren't that bad, if playing with balanced races of the same strength.

Is there a chance, so get players just play a fair game with standard-equal-balanced-racelist where everybody has the same chance to win?

I agree, that the standard races are not well balanced as well, some of them just suck, others are fairly playable.
I created a list of races, which i think about well balanced to play with each other. They use very different racepicks and are designed for this Art to play:

Version: 1.31 or 1.40
Players: 6-8
Computer Players: None
Startup Time: Average
Galaxy Size: Huge
Galaxy Age: Average or Organic
Difficulty: Impossible
Tactical Combat: Yes
Other Rules: Like the Ladder Game rules described in this Forum (no Report, no Orion attacks. etc.)

Here is the Race List:

1. Alkari: Dict, Low Gravity,+1 research, +25 Defense, Artifacts, Large Homeworld, Transdimensional
2. Bulrathi: Feudalism, High Gravity, Warlord, +10 Ground Combat, -20 Defense, Large Homeworld, +50 Population Growth
3. Darlok: Dict, Stealth ships, Lithovoric, +10 Spy, -1 Research, Large Homeworld, -50% Pop Growth, Poor Homeworld
4. Elerians: Feudalism, Telepathic, Omniscience, +0,5 MC, Large Homeworld, Poor Homeworld
5. Gnolams: Dict, +1 MC, Charismatic, Lucky, Low Gravity, Large Homeworld
6. Humans: Democratic, Charismatic
7. Klacon: Unification, +1Prod, +1 Food, Uncreative, Large Homeworld
8. Meklar: Dict, Kybernetic, +2 Prod
9. Psilon: Dict, Creative, Low Gravity, +2 Research, Large Homeworld
10. Mrrshan: Dict, +20 Attack, Warlord, +1 Prod, Large Homeworld
11. Trilarian: Dict, Transdimensional, Aquatic

What do you think about it?

Is the list balanced, of is there a race too strong or too bad?
Do you think there may be a chance to get players to play these relatively weak but imho sympathic races, if they know, all other races are of equal strength and from this List as well?

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Postby Cabman » Thu Jan 29, 2009 5:59 pm

We found the way to avoid playing 100% uni uber races....we just ban some racepicks (eg. uni, lith etc). You can try a lot of interesting races then and have fun playing...Feudal is a good pick....when you ban uni, demo and dict :P

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