115 Turns of Peace Rule Statement

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115 Turns of Peace Rule Statement

Postby Overlord2 » Mon Apr 21, 2014 3:39 am

115 Turns of Peace Rule Statement

1. Diplomatic peace lasts 115 turns; can't declare war before t116;
2. Bombing, invading enemy colonies, mindcontrolling or blockading first 115 turns are prohibited; can be done on t116;
3. Pressing ‘Attack’ button on colony screen doesn’t mean war, but entering close space, which allows scouting. Scouting is allowed any time. Scouts cannot use weapons against enemy ships or planet.
4. Destroying enemy outposts (including defending ships) and attacking enemy ships in open space or at your colony is allowed any time;
5. Spying if not discussed preliminary is allowed any time.

Exemption from 115 turns of peace rule

The peace rule could allow severe abuse like colonizing next to the enemy and using such colony as an indestructible outpost to launch early attack at deep colonies of the enemy or use of the outpost as a fork. To prevent abuse colonization on enemy's side of the map closer than 7 parsecs to his colonies (i.e. 6 or less) is not allowed. Colonizing middle or your side of the map is allowed any time.

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