[VDC] Best strategy for advanced single player?

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[VDC] Best strategy for advanced single player?

Postby andydomingo » Thu Jul 12, 2012 6:08 am

I have tried to keep blitzing on advcanced sp. It seems still possible, but much more difficult than in the original game.
Using vdcgm42a

Dem Cre Tel Cyb plus 50 pop (negatives spy ground def), not using the mostly repulsive race file.

Is this the strongest setting in an 8 player huge organic galaxy (advanced tech)? I feel it is rather strong for the following reasons:

Cre gives you a huge advantage, especially since the tech picks are much more balanced than in original moo2. Huge boost with virtual reality network, and you have holo simulators already.

Dem gives you obvious research privileges; spying disadvantage (Even with additional penalty) is easily offset through tech.

Tel obvious for blitzing and counter-spyying.

Plus 50 Pop allows you to start with far more people than usually. You get app. 70 with plus 50 compared to about 50 with normal pop.

Cyb very strong for research, small cost, production penalty easily offset.

First, I would appreciate any suggestions for alternatives. Maybe abandon democracy for sub/aqua etc?

Then, I would appreciate some hints as to adequate ship designs, especially against creatives (Psilons), which are essentially the only challenge.

Possible blitz designs:
Missile ships: Better thx to fast missile racks, but no battle pods. Does not work, however, when enemy has multi-wave ecm jammer.

Beam ships (mass drivers, structural analyzer): Works worse than in original moo2. Frequently, enemy has heavy armor, and by the time you have a larger number of mass drivers, they have either very strong armour or radiation shields (even non-creative races sometimes).

Obviously, you can just sit back, wait (enemy can never strike you with ground batteries, missile base, fighter garrison and usually wastes weak fleets on your defenses) and then hit hard with either shield piercing ships or plasma cannon/ion pulse cannon combinations.

The latter is the strongest mid-game strategy against psilons, who usually build titans/battleships with lots of armour, but comparatively weak shields (does not seem to be research preference). However, this is not blitzing anymore, obviously.

I would appreciate any hints or comments. Recommendations for average tech games do not always work the same in adv scenarios.

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Postby Overlord2 » Mon Jul 23, 2012 5:41 am

Advanced setting isn't played in our community, so difficult to advise. But of course, creative gets an advantage in 'advanced' start, because many techs are already known. To tell the truth, race balance in VDC was adjusted for 'average' start. For 'advanced' start it will probably need complete review of the picks costs...

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