Monster Killing Guide for VDC mod

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Monster Killing Guide for VDC mod

Postby Overlord2 » Thu Jan 26, 2012 8:59 am

Updated for current version of VDC

Since the monsters were considerably buffed in the VDC mod, some players start experiencing difficulties in killing monsters. I decided to write a small guide to solve this problem.
HP of all monsters increased to the following values: Eel - 2200, Amoeba - 2300, others - 2400. Additionally there is about 100 hp for internal systems!
Meeb got subspace teleporter and something like pulsar weapon.
Crystal got spatial compressor. Hydra kept energy absorber [33%], and Eel kept lightning field, while weapons - something like pasma web, but buffed.
Should make the notice that all monsters will always kill Zortrium armored Battleship (BB) with two shots, while neutronium BB might be killed too, but chances will be much less. Also there is small probability that Meeb, Dragon or Hydra will Kill Zort BB with a single shot, especially if you don't have any shields. Class 4 shield will probably save from this. Also one shouldn't forget that Crystal can capture a BB if it moves first so you don't even have opportunity to shoot. Even if you take two BBs vs Crystal, the captured BB can move first and kill the second BB. Thus you lose both BBs at once. However, if you manage to fly back before the crystal approaches you can avoid the capturing, since it works same way as transporters, i.e. it needs distance 12 squares between your BB and crystal in order to capture.

So, there are three main methods of killing monsters:
1) Old method - a lot of frigates (ffs) with MIRV nukes;
2) BB with support of ffs.
3) 4-6 of destroyers (DDs) with one or two ffs.

1st method. Tech level required - Pollution Processor, Fusion drives. Build frigates with 2 MIRV missiles with 5 ammo, and fast missile racks, don't care about initiative, you take by quantity, so no need for augmented engines, space academy or even scout labs..
Number of ffs required:
Meeb - 18;
Crystal - 18;
Dragon - 15;
Hydra - 18;
Eel - 10 with ammo 10.
Meeb - Run and shoot;
Crystal - Approach&shoot with couple of ffs, next round Charge&shoot (at point blank) and the last round first Run then shoot.
Dragon - Run and shoot;
Hydra - Run and shoot;
Eel - Charge and shoot;

2nd - Make sure you have enough firepower and remember Zort BB with reinforced hull can't survive two shots, so 3-4 ffs is necessary to distract monster fire. In case of Crystal make sure your BB moves before crystal.
[Edit: update about crystal. It captures BB only when the shield is down or there is no shield. Hence if you take three ffs it will shoot at two of them while shield will be left intact, so won't capture].
Scoutlabs give +20 attack or +2 initiative vs monsters. Scout lab bonus applies if at least 1 ship in fleet is equipped with it. So usually it is a fast runner. Initiative of a BB with battle scanner, augmented engines, regular crew, no race penalty, scoutlabs and antimatter drive is equal to:
5+5+1.5-0+2+17=31.5; with ion drive - 29.5. with fusion drive 27.5.

Monsters initiative is the following:
Meeb - 28
Crystal - 28
Dragon - 34
Hydra - 23
Eel - 40

Important Note: the half bonus to initiative is usually rounded down, hence you need full +1 bonus to initiative in order to get the initiative andvantage and move first. E.g. with initiative 28.5 you might move after the meeb or crystal. With initiative 29 you always move first.

Important Note: if there is at least 1 ff with scoutlab, the bonus will apply to the whole fleet.

Meeb - shoot and hold, meeb dies while approaching.
Crystal - Shoot and run backwards, if BB gets captured not a problem, when you kill crystal BB will be back at your disposal.
Dragon - charge and shoot;
Hydra - shoot and run;
Eel - shoot and retreat, BB won't survive second web...

3rd method.
Killing monster with destroyers supported with couple of ffs with scoutlab. On pollution processor level quantity of detroyers will be more (+1).
Check the initiative parameter of the monsters and your fleet each time before you attack. Many mistakes happen because of not checking current initiative - sometimes it's your race disadvantage (i.e. -offense) or forgetting to send ship with scoutlab, which leads to unnecessary casualties of the monster killing fleet.

Important Note: Hydra needs special attention since it gets energy absorber (absorbs 33% of damage) and it tends to go through the missiles and shoot destroyers if the damage on first salvo wasn't enough to kill it.

On Pollution Processor level you need 5-6 dds with mirv nukes 2 ammo or 5 ammo and 1 or 2 ffs with scoutlabs 1 mirv nuke.

design of DDs (Crystal, Hydra and Amoeba): battle scanner; augmented engines, fast missile racks, 7 mirv fast nukes 2 ammo, fusion drives. Note that if your race includes -offense penalty then you need ion drive. Otherwise leave some free space on dds to make the speed 17 and add +10 offense leader or higher, which will allow to achieve 29 ini. Leader should be placed on ff, which will be running backwards.

Dragon and Eel need 5 ammo design, but fast mod of the missiles is not needed, niether battlescanner. So design will be:
Augmented engines, fast missile racks, 7 mirv nukes 5 ammo, fusion drives. Getting scoutlab ff in the fleet is still needed to ensure second round your ships shoot first.

Meeb - 4 dds and 3 ffs; casualties - zero;
Cyrstal - 4 dds and 2 ffs; caualties - 1ff;
Dragon - 5 dds with 5 ammo and 1 ff; casualties - 1 dd;
Eel - 5 dds with 5 ammo and 1 ff; casualties - 1dd;
Hydra - 6 dds and 2 ffs; casualties - 1ff;

Important Note: in all cases destroyers should be always built with space academy in order to get regular crew!

On Atmosphere Renewer level you need 4-5 dds with 2 ammo or 5 ammo and 1 or 2 ffs with scoutlab and 1 mirv nuke.
I prefer mixed design with 2 and 5 ammo missiles in one dd. This design requires two additional levels in physics for miniaturization of battle scanner to get 1 free point of space left to keep the speed of dds 16.

Universal design: augmented engines, battle scanner, fast missile racks, 4 mirv fast 2 ammo nuclear missiles in first slot and 3 mirv fast overloaded 5 ammo missiles in second slot;

Meeb - 4 dds and 1 ffs; casualties - zero;
Cyrstal - 4 dds and 2 ffs; caualties - 1ff;
Dragon - 4 dds and 2 ffs; casualties - 1 dd;
Eel - 5 dds 1 ff; casualties - 1dd;
Hydra - 5 dds and 3 ffs; casualties - 1ff;

In case of Hydra design of ffs should be: augmented engines, battle scanner, fast missile racks, 2 mirv fast missiles. 5dds and 3 ffs damage should be just enough to kill hydra on first shot.

Meeb - shoot and hold, meeb dies while approaching.
Crystal - DDs shoot and run backwards, and don't retreat... 1 ff should charge and shoot, second should shoot & run backwards. Crystal will shoot at the ff which charged and stop before the missile salvo. Next round move your dds a little further (5-6 squares), crystal will chase them without using his compressors against the missiles and will die while moving.
Dragon - charge and shoot;

Eel - charge and shoot at point blank, selfdistruct webbed DD near the eel. If dds don't inflict enough damage on the first round the eel will move first in the second round and destroy one more dd. Consequently 1 ff with scoutlab is recommended.

Hydra -DDs shoot and run backwards, 1 ff should charge and shoot. Hydra shoots at the ff and stops. Next round it shoots approaching missiles, while you press T button (ends turn for all your ships in combat). Damage of the first salvo should be enough to kill it or it may go through the missiles and shoot your dds.

After long time of practrice the third method proved to be optimal, since it provides the least casualties at earliest time.
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Postby Semmelbaecker » Fri Nov 02, 2012 3:48 pm

I just made a test game and noticed you can destroy Dragon and Hydra with just one BB. You need zortrium armor, 15 mirv merkulits ammo 5, fast missile racks, augmented engines, reinforced hull as well as heavy armor and ion drive. In my game, the ship survived barely with just a view hitpoints left, so its a risky thing to do because the monsters fire 2 shots at you and you need 3 salves of rockets. So either you add some more ships to the fleet or you take the risk. Sometimes you can move first in the second round, not sure why.

I know that this is significantly slower than the DD approach. But its much cheaper as well. And in my games, I usually dont build any warships before BB if not necessary.


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Postby Overlord2 » Thu Nov 08, 2012 10:49 am

Merculite missiles are better when you can afford them, however it's not the usual case. Also I was considering the fastest ways of killing monsters, while with mercs you need to go to Zortrium armor level to get mirv modification.

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Re: Monster Killing Guide for VDC mod

Postby Risi14 » Tue Apr 18, 2017 10:04 am

What does Battle Scanner have to do with missiles or ship initiative? Does it increase ship attack even with missiles? Thanx.

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Re: Monster Killing Guide for VDC mod

Postby Overlord2 » Wed Apr 19, 2017 7:08 am

Battle scanner increases initiative. You may find the new initiative formula in 1.50 patch manual.

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Re: Monster Killing Guide for VDC mod

Postby Risi14 » Wed Apr 19, 2017 9:58 am

I'll look it up,thanks mate! I am surprised you replied so promptly (wasn't expecting any actually), cheers!

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