Opening turns strategy for DemAqua+BC race (VDC X4 V62 B1)

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Opening turns strategy for DemAqua+BC race (VDC X4 V62 B1)

Postby Tapwater42 » Sat Jul 22, 2017 3:02 am

I've spent several days testing various opening strategies for Democratic races in VDC. My conclusion is that, for Democratic races with +BC, it is better to build colony bases before doing any research. For my most successful test I used the race: DemAqua+80pop+1Food+1BC-SA-SD-GCExpertTraders. Here's my building sequence:

(a), (b), (c), etc. are different colonies, 1,2,3, etc. is build sequence
(a) --> homeworld,
(x) --> settled by colony ship,
(b) --> first colony base in home system

All production is bought at or just before 50% completion

1. (a) colony base (x) freighter fleet
In the first round on your colony (x) there will be a shortage of 1 food. But your population will continue to increase anyway.

2. After buying colony base move half of pop to new colony (b). Now build:
(a) colony base (b) colony base
When freighter finishes, ferry 1 colonist to expansion (probably extra farmer). Set (x) to build a colony base
At this point you have 3 colony bases being built simultaneously.

3. When colonies get close to 1/2 done be sure to buyout (a) first and move a little production from (b).
Set new colony (c) to housing.
Continue building another colony base in homeworld (a).

4. When (b) can be bought out, move all but one population from (b) back to homeworld to finish the last colony.
Set (b) to housing.

5. Fifth colony bought for me at turn 27. At this point I switch to research. Expansion finishes first colony base turn 29.

Using this start, pop at turn 100 was 198

Your thoughts on this strategy are welcome. I still have many questions about optimal play during the opening of the game. For instance,

A. If you have a high research race, should you start by researching? And should you research research labs first or fighter garrison(etc.) --> automated factories first? With no research bonus, I believe research labs is still the best first pick, but for races with artifact HW or +research demo I am not sure. In general, I feel that I fail hard with +3 research races.

B. Are there some races (probably high research or production) where it makes sense to settle colony ship in your home system?

C. Population distribution: Should you keep all you worlds 1/2 full (if possible) so that you can achieve maximum natural growth, or is actually feasible to run massive numbers of pop/housing farms? Seems like pop/housing farms only works for uni/tolerant races with big production bonuses.

D. Research priorities. Currently I tech this race the following way: Research labs, Automatic Factories, Cloning center, Robotic factory. One of the top priorities is getting cloning center on every world.

E. Full buyout (or 90% buyout) for new colonies. Seems to make sense to buyout things like automatic factories at 90%, especially when my income is several hundred BCs.

F. What's the bonus to spying offence/defense per spy? Sadly the spreadsheet IRakly posted is gone.

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Re: Opening turns strategy for DemAqua+BC race (VDC X4 V62 B1)

Postby Rocco » Sat Jul 22, 2017 5:18 am

F. What's the bonus to spying offence/defense per spy? Sadly the spreadsheet IRakly posted is gone.

Start instead of vdc, a standard mode game. then go to Races screen and right-click on 'BONUSES'.

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