New League for VDC mod. Website + ELO scoring.

Suggest or Vote on new features here.

Would you report your games to the league?

No, it kills fun.
Maybe ... it depends on my mood.
Yes! I want glory and fame :)
I would like to report games only, scoring doesnt interest me.
Total votes: 8

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New League for VDC mod. Website + ELO scoring.

Postby PK » Sun Oct 25, 2009 5:48 pm


I can do a simple website which contains new VDC mod international league.
The League would be based on ELO scoring ( google for it if you are do not know how it looks like - scoring system like in chess over internet ).

However I do not know if anyone would be interested in such league. Last league for Moo2 died 2 or 3 years ago because noone wanted to post their results.

There is idea to make separate reporting from scoring too.

Please use VOTE buttons. Thanks.

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Postby Time » Wed Oct 28, 2009 12:17 am

Ranking scores in a commonly recognizable place, for those interested, sounds like a good idea.
I looked up Elo scoring vs. other scoring methods, which vary by game and country, and found other systems that you might want to look at, and see the reasons for the changes made to an Elo base, before deciding on one to use for your website.

or even the most modern,
TrueSkill ... fault.aspx
which is used in xbox live games.

Each lists the mathmatical alogrithms needed to use their system.
There are also, MOO2-like games available online that have a scoring system already integrated.
comes to mind.

Of your vote choices, I'm voting for scoring (ie. glory and fame).
I think many would enjoy seeing their names up in lights :D .
Good Luck!
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