Toxic planets and pollution

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Toxic planets and pollution

Postby rottenvenetic » Thu May 01, 2008 6:13 am

My proposal is simple: elliminate all pollution on toxic planets. Why? because a toxic planet is already covered with materials that are too damaging to be used and/or cleaned away (hence, no terraforming). Nobody's going to be worse off if industrial waste is just dumped at will on the surface.

Right now, it's like this:

Mining foreman 1: 'Ok, let's just throw these useless and dangerous materials on the surface along with all the other useless and dangerous materials that make this planet nigh uninhabitable and are unremovable.'

Mining foreman 2: 'No way, are you crazy? We have to build a deep core vault or something and put it there!'

Edit: If you don't want this in the official mod, I'd still like to know how to do it.

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Postby Tifi » Fri May 02, 2008 6:02 am

Alternative thought...

Toxic Planet.
Build Gaia Transformation.
Changes Planets to Barren.
Can be then Terraformed to Terran, but because you've already built the GT there you can't push it onto the final stage.

Yet another alternative...
(Bordering the realms of impossibility :P)

Take any non-used tech item such as Phase Shifter for vanilla, or Thorium Cells for DC and copy over it with data from the Gaia Trans. while changing the $vars Terran & Gaia to Toxic & Barren respectively.
Then stick it in either Chem or Bio at the top level and give it a huge build cost.
Call it 'HazMat Reprocessing' or something.

Yes, I'll shut up now :P

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Postby Jaadre » Sun Oct 19, 2008 10:10 am

One another thought:

perhaps you may like to change some building features, like I did with Atmospheric Renewer (in my own modified tech tree), a building* that has a maintenance cost of 5 BCs instead of 3, and allow to quarter pollution and also transform a Toxic Planet into a Radiated one.

That's because I assume that a Toxic World could be a hostile combination of radiated one with plenty of toxic substances (maybe you can clear up/clean up/reclame them)...

This way, you will still need to build a Planetary Shield before you can terraform it! :wink:

(* Obviously it should be raised to 1500-2250 research points, and could be transferred to Genetics research area, in couple with Wheather Control, as I did in my own modified tree).

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Postby c'g~ » Mon Oct 20, 2008 12:35 pm

Hi, Jaadre.

Your ideas is really, I mean REALLY good, - I can see it, because I'm modder to. But I have to disappoint you:
as far as I know it can NOT be done in game with tools that we have now.

Or you know the way to do this?

Oh, and one more thing: you can find a whole forum branch dedicated to modding in this forum - you can find a lot of information and many interesting mods for MoO2 there.

If you want to know what relation I have to modding and/or MoO2:
I created EXPa Pro - full-scale modification for MoO2, which is affect practically 90% of changeble content of the MoO2.

So lurk here more and of corse enjoy MoO2.
Best wishes!


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Postby Jaadre » Tue Oct 21, 2008 11:06 am

Hi cg~!

Thank you for your replay directly from Ukraine! :D

I'm glad that you like my idea about Toxic planet, but I'm not able to mod the game (at this moment I really don't know how I could do that). I'm a bit confused about the rest... that's a pity!
I've read about lots of mods concerning tech tree and technologies in Moo2, and I imagined that it would be very easy to "take" a line from some tech in the sorce file (like Planetary Radiation Shield, in this case), to modify and copy it directly into another tech (for istance, you could modify something like "it changes Radiated worlds into Barren ones", in "it changes Toxic worlds into Radiated ones", and then put it into Atmospheric Renewer Technology... obviously written in the right code, and with the right tool, I mean).

By the way, I will read somethin from that forum branch you was talking about, and if I will be able to install the dos version of the game (and then the 1.40 patch), maybe I will try your own mod program.

If you have a little time, please have a look at this other thread.

Many thanks and greetings!

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