Multiple buildings of the same type on a planet?

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Multiple buildings of the same type on a planet?

Postby Time » Sat Feb 16, 2008 11:36 pm

For example, If 1 hydroponic farm generates 2 food, then one should be able to construct a 2nd farm, for a total of 4 food.

Others wouldn't make sence:
Planetary Stock Exchange, should only be one per planet.
Weather Controller same.

Also, if Subteranean farms are "Subteranean", then they should not appear as taking a slot on the planet view. They would be constructed underground, thereby leaving space for another bulding on the surface.
Automated factories should be able to be built as subteranean as well, since they don't require sunlight.

Perhaps, an under ground screen to display these buildings, which do not have to be on the surface.

If the picture is to represent the total sum of all Hydroponic Farms on the planet, and the net gain is only +2 food, then larger planets should produce more food for their greater surface area. And their should be extra food based on the number of pop on that planet.
For Example, 2 planets with hydroponic farms:
a Tiny planet with 1 pop on it.
a Huge planet with 1 pop on it.
If both are covered in Hyds, then the Huge planet should have extra food > then the 1 consumed by the 1 pop.

Just a thought, they should be able to be on a sb too, as they require no soil.
Designing starbases with less (or no) weapons, instead, have buildings on them like a scout lab. Automated factories, but, not Robo Miners, or Deep Core Mines, for example, as they Require being on the surface.

This would add a twist to things...

I can envision 2+ fighter garrisons and the ability to target them at different ships.
Perhaps, a limit of 1 building type, per size class of the planet.
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Postby TheDS » Mon Feb 18, 2008 8:57 pm

I see two ways that already exist in the game for your Hydrofarm suggestion: Android Farmers are almost exactly what you're asking for, or build the Food converter thingy. Hydrofarm and Subfarm are simply low-tech food assistance to keep you from needing so many farmers, which take up valuable colonist space.

The picture for Subfarms is there to make it possible for you to tell at a glance that you have one. Why complicate things? It's just a picture.

And for your fighter garrison idea: you already get two squadrons, you don't have to send them against the same target.
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Postby c'g~ » Tue Feb 19, 2008 5:48 am

I think it’s very interesting idea, but I have 3 arguments against it:

1st – Do U think Uni/Dict/Feud can support (with money) that much Building and above all with just one Planetary Stock Exchange (it’s may be possible only with some wealthy leaders and couple of Gem Deposits – but U have low chances to get this)?

2nd – It’s requires core changes in the Game and for that U need to have the programming code

3rd – With this changes U need to rebalancing all the Game – and this is heck load of work I’d say. I know this, because lately I worked on my Mod for MoO2 (U can find it here: viewtopic.php?t=559)

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