TECHs alteration

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TECHs alteration

Postby c'g~ » Sun Feb 03, 2008 2:07 pm

Hi, guys. Need some HELP.

I want to increase structure points of colonists/buildings/marines/militia/armor, thereby increasing “time” of bombarding and adding meaning of Bio Weapon and Armor.

Another thing, that I need, is adding changes in particular techs (like Battle Scanner > 60% Ship Beam Offence, Inertial Stabilizer > 60% Ship Beam Defense). Or completely change techs (like PK did in his EvoMOD with Psionics [instead of +10 Morale for Dictatorship, it’s completely remove Barrack penalty] or something like that)

I can’t find that at OCL game editor, so if anyone can advice me with another game editor or somehow HELP me with this, it would be really nice

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