Suggestions/Feedback for future patch?

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Suggestions/Feedback for future patch?

Postby WizardFrost » Mon Jun 11, 2012 9:19 pm

My friends and I have recently began playing Moo2 again after some 10 odd years. It's an absolute blast and I truly want to thank Lord Brazen for his contributions.

That being said, I have three instances of functionality that would be most grateful to see in the future, or if they exist now and I just don't know about them, I would love to know if they are available.

1.) I would like to be able to enable diplomatic victory in multiplayer and be able to set it's frequency. Especially for larger games I run with several players and even a few AI, this would really help close out long games peacefully and make a diplomacy route a viable option for players who'd like to build a race around it.

2.) I would like to see a turn timer function, this way, each player would be forced to perform all of their actions within a specified amount of time that I could set, and perhaps the timer could become initiated when any player ends their turn. This would help keep my players' turns under control.

3.) I would like to see multiple turn-day progression enabled in multiplayer when major events aren't taking place. This is useful early on and for smaller games of experienced players.

So, if anyone knows of a way I can enable or patch any of these things, I'd love to hear from you! Otherwise, please consider this in the future if anyone feels inclined to work on this amazing game anymore.

Thank you,

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Postby Time » Sat Jul 21, 2012 2:06 pm

I'd like MOO2 to work on 64 bit operating systems and without using DosBox in a future patch.
I'd like to see additional governments added something like 50% prod 50% money and another with 50% research & 50% Food.
The main two Demo and Uni are very polar and we could use the missing options.
Also, milder options of 20% in 3 areas would be good too.
I'd like to see 2 additional cybernetic options added.
One would require 25% food and 75% prod, the other 75% food and 25% prod. These would cover any cyber race more extreme than the balanced 50-50 Meklons.
A new Silicon race type which consumes 50% minerals just like the Sillicoids do, but also 25% prod and 25% food. ie. the race can eat anything, it doesn't ignore the organic life in the soil.

These would offer greater flexibility in the game.

I doubt much of this is possible, but could be represented by anyone redoing the game.
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