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Postby Overlord2 » Sat Aug 23, 2008 4:30 pm

I've thought of a different way to go about doing this that should produce less boring maps than using the mirroring method.

First, you need to having a scoring system for systems and planets.

This is what I came up with.

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Planet Scoring & System Scoring The System score is the number of planets (NP) plus the value of the system special (VSS) plus the combined value of the planets (CVP). System score = NP + VSS + CVP. The Planet score is value of the planet size (VZ), plus the value of the environment (VE) plus the value of the gravity (VG) plus value of the minerals (VM) plus the value of the base food (VF) plus the value of the planet special (VPS). Planet Score = VZ+VE+VG+VM+VF+VPS
Then you would sort the systems by their XY position to calculate the quadrant scores by adding up all the system scores within each one.

Once you can calculate the value of quadrants you can balance the map by making minor changes to the systems. You then just go through a loop to correct imbalances until each quadrant has a score that falls within the specified tolerance range. Some things would automatically be excluded from being changed, like Orion (if it exists) and the player's homeworlds.

It would be a complicated algorithm but I think it's worth doing.

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Right aproach IMO. Thus each player should get aproximately the same quality quadrant, estimated by certain scoring system. However the scoring system is the key problem here. I'll try to work out one.

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