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cowardly compu

Postby jianye3 » Wed Jun 13, 2012 11:45 am

i've been playing master of orion 1 for 15 years. i played as the klacks and faced a huge bulrathis empire last night on medium galaxy/impossible/5 opponents.

i only had about 8 planets, buls had 20. they were wayyyy ahead of me in virtually everything, most notably, fleets, technology, pop, planets. i sent maybe 10 small bombers (because i had virtually no fleet) to some of their planets. some enemy planets were recently colonized with only 2 population, some 5 missile bases, some 63! in many instances the bulrathis empire had HUGE fleets of possibly hundreds or thousnads of small, med, huge ships.

the enemy has literally 20 times the number of ships and definitely outclassed my nuclear bombers. enemy retreated almost every time, letting me wipe out many of their planets!

even when there was only 1 little bomber, a gargantuan fleet that could have killed me with one missle launch simply retreated.

i changed the enemy personality to be aggressive militarist, enemy still retreated.

any idea how to make the computer correctly aggressive?


in something somewhat related, i sometimes am wayyyy behind in technology. but i notice that i sometimes trade with meklar, and they give me improved robot controls 5 or 7 or advanced soil enrichment for something so unimportant as range 4 tech.

i wonder if there were bugs deliberately written into program so human players can "catch up" to computer players that are way ahead.

any idea how to make computer "smarter" or at least not do these dumb trades?


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