spat comp damage against missiles/fighters briefly

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spat comp damage against missiles/fighters briefly

Postby dji » Sun Oct 23, 2016 11:15 am

hadnt found info about it at manuals so diceded to make test result reporting here.
1 spat destroys non arm nucl missiles almost everytime
2 spat destroy arm nucl missiles similar
4 spats are enough for non arms zeon m, but 3 spats arent - they leave few missiles
and for HA merc M. 6 spats are excess and 4 spats are lack.
tests were done at vdc mode.
its easy to count that damage is about 10-12, i.e. damage is quatered against non-ship objects.
but whats more.
when damage are under full destroying level its still effective and carryed with probability way.
for example 2 spats could leave 3 of 10 nonarm zeon m, and sometimes (quite rare) even 1 spat reduced quantity of non arm zeon missiles from 2 to 1
hope itll be usefull

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