How to beat AI in single player.

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How to beat AI in single player.

Postby MaliciousMice » Mon Nov 17, 2014 5:24 pm

Hi to everyone!

I'm playing MOO2 since 1998. For my sorrow, i 'm always playing against the AI.

My challenge is to beat all AI's empires to dust as fast as possible.

My game settings is:

+Small galaxy
+Mineral Rich
+8 Players
+Tactical Combat
-Random Events
-Antarans Attacks

During the several attempts, I’ve found the best custom race setup to achieve that.

Race picture: Elerian.

-4 Feudal
-6 Repulsive

+6 Telepathic
+5 Transdimensional
+4 Warlord
+4 +20Ground Combat
+1 Large HomeWorld

To start the conquest you need to research only 2 very basic techs in chemistry and power.After that you need to build one cruiser and 5 or more frigates.These ships will carry only the extended fuel tanks to reach their targets.Cause u have a huge advantage in GC you can board enemy starbases and then mind control their planets.If an enemy attack you first, you can use "suicide bomber" tactic - move minor ship next to the enemy ship and then self destruct them.

In such way you can own the galaxy in 60 or 70 turns if u have a luck.

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Re: How to beat AI in single player.

Postby Darza » Mon Nov 17, 2014 10:47 pm

Its not the best race for the settings you had provided, as the number of turns (60-70 if you're lucky) is about huge, not small galaxy. While i had never seriously played small from prewarp, turn estimates there should be something around 40 or so (maybe 30-35). Correct races for it slightly differs from your.
For Prewarp the best is Trans Tele Rich Large Uni LowG -Spy -Ground combat (also the most reliable race in game)
For Average the best is Trans Tele Rich Large +2prod Feu -Research -Spy (the peak performances only, no reliability at all, and only for Average tech)
In both cases actual speed is came from the right artifact planets you will find (you need to get Fighter bays and Deuterium cells from it), wormholes, splinter worlds, leaders and money boosts. Note that the second race, while being the fastest possible cannot win fast without getting all the needed tech in arti. If you want a reliability over max peak performance, the first uni race is to use then (as it have no actual problems in simply researching both Fighters and Deuterium on its own). Of course it still can have a best result only in case of right artifact exploit, but it still always win the huge no latter than T100 from prewarp in any case (also the second race have to starve the population heavily in order to build a ships, but it can win a small average in less than 20 turns).

While ground combat approach is fun, actually its a waste of resources to combine it with telepathy. You need to combine Burathi picture on Average tech with something like:
Trans HeavyG +20Ground combat +1prod Rich Feu -Research -Spy (for prewarp you will have to go something like Trans HeavyG +10Ground combat Large Uni -Pop -SA -Uncreative, what is even less reliable).
But this approach wouldn't really work on larger than small galaxies, and less reliable than Fighters approach. Also peak speed of it is also lower. The main problem there is the lack of extended fuel cells on a transport, but still it could work on small.

Lack of Repulsive in a given races is not about exploitation of diplomacy, that only hurt the game, so want intended to happen no matter Repulsive or not, but simply due to fact what Repulsive is actually do some harm to a races, affecting the leaders. So only non-harming at all negatives was used.
If you have some questions - you can always join the IRC channel and ask them there, could be faster approach than forum.

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