MOO history/summary and Beyond

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MOO history/summary and Beyond

Postby localhosed » Wed Apr 25, 2012 3:42 pm

I think its amazing the work people still do and have done in modding the MOO series over the last number of years, with kyrub's work on the unofficial MOO patch, continous mods by a variety of people and byte-by-byte editing of moo2's gameplay and research tree with OCL, rearrangements of maps, working network play, the 1.40 patch. I think I wouldn't have kept playing moo2 without the mods and the people who keep it going.

Over the years people kept making moo-like games. I think the general idea is that most moo spirit games tended to lack one or more important features of moo gameplay, but they also usually include a few good parts, and take a few new risks. There have been Space Empires, Sword of the Stars series, (the sometimes polarizing) Moo 3, Reach for the Stars, Armada 2526, Star Ruler, and maybe a dozen I forget because I'm going from memory.

So I came wanting to help the general interest. I look for MOO 'descendants' on occasion. I found one on Desura called Beyond Beyaan that might be interesting to players of original MOO/MOO2. You could call it a pretty grassroots project, with the intention of good modding support. I am not affiliated with the people who make it at all, but I noticed it there and didn't want people here to hear about it later , rather than sooner.
The forum rules here ask for no outside links, so if you want to find it, any search engine will get you started pretty well. The most material is on Desura.

I can guess where he's going with the game by looking at the screenshots and videos, and now (relatively early on) may be a good time to influence where it goes by giving suggestions, asking questions, which the author seems to want right now. Although if it is as moddable as I imagine it, there may be good opportunity for that later. The art looks more like moo than other descendants, even the early space empires.

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