Master of Orion, the Animated Web Series

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Master of Orion Series
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Master of Orion, the Animated Web Series

Postby Master of Orion Series » Thu Mar 22, 2012 3:06 pm

Master of Orion, a classic in turn-based strategy games, is coming to your screen as a brand new animated web series!


Brought to you by High Impact Entertainment, the series aims to examine how Earth goes from the autonomous, reality TV infested culture we have today, to an Earth of universal citizens and ambassadors to the heavens. Filled with races and planets any fan of the series will recognize, Master of Orion uses the games as a platform to explore what it would mean to be a cog in this expansive universe, in both scope and responsibility, instead of just leaders of our own backyard.


Part One of the Pilot - "Counter The Demons With Your Own Poison" - is premiering online this Friday, March 23rd at 8:00 PM Pacific Time on

The Antarans are cold. Killers without remorse. They arrive in a blink and leave behind only destruction, using their twisted view of science as their guide. Absolute in their superiority over all races, will enslave, experiment, and deal death as they see fit. Read Less

They have been to Earth, they want to return.


Reality shows, celebrity worship, political squabbling, racial tensions, unequal justice, lovers, luster’s, idealists, comedians, conmen, gangsters, broken social systems, a hegemony of the wealthy, laws that pander to the lowest common denominator... Earth in the present day, pre-warp era, is trucking along just fine in its isolated existence, ignorant of the galaxy that surrounds it.

Guy Madisen is a wealthy scientist working on a revolutionary new method of delivering solar energy to the cities of Earth. Scotty Mularky is a broken old soldier, relegated to an existence of mediocrity. Tonight they plan to go out for a drink, talk about women and money problems, and then back to normal tomorrow.

That was the plan.

Tonight, the Antarans return to Earth.

Tonight, they’ll wish they hadn’t.

For more info, and a sneak peek at the series, please check out our website!

And please be sure to like us on Facebook!

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Re: Master of Orion, the Animated Web Series

Postby Rags » Tue Feb 11, 2014 10:29 am

What happned to this? None of the links work.

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