Master of Orion and Galcon mix

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Master of Orion and Galcon mix

Postby bladum » Mon Aug 22, 2011 1:52 pm

Hi ,

I am new at the forum but not to the games branch or Simtex products.

Does anyone consider to make a combination of two games: Master of Orion and Galcon

I was think about starting design with base Galcon model and add more stuff to it. There would be little micromanagement on each planet (even less then moo 1), it would turn based or slow-mode realtime and maps would be much larger (300 stars ?).

I made attachment about how this could start...... file is prepared for android device with multi touch but please just ignore it. ... bladum.pdf

I am NOT asking You about implementation only but about the idea and design. Would You consider such game attractive from MoO point of view ?


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