BEST custom "suicide" race?

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BEST custom "suicide" race?

Postby nelemak » Mon Jan 31, 2011 8:48 am

That is, a race you pretty much kill off after getting androids.

Creative & Unification should stay with the androids.
Androids are Tolerant & +3 on sceince, industry and food

Free negatives would be reproduction and all productions.

Still leaving 8+4 to be picked.
Aquatic? Subterranean is probly specific for your fleshlings and thus useless. Other ideas?

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Postby rewster1 » Mon Jan 31, 2011 12:03 pm

Assuming this is a single player idea (it won't work in multiplayer... your only chance of reaching androids in a timely fashion is a democracy + lithovore race).
You're only going to have 6 picks left after creative (8 ) and unification (6), assuming 10 negative picks. There are plenty of interesting options for a single player race... for instance telepathic doesn't require any organic population. (Though you'll keep getting a bunch of unwanted warm bodies every time you mind control a colony.) Any sort of combat bonus would work as well. Homeworld bonuses are okay too. If you plan on having no organics, all your money is to come from trade goods, so maybe you want fantastic traders to double your income. That leaves 2 picks, so take rich homeworld. That would probably be my choice.
As for negatives, if it's single player, any combo of production maluses is fine, or the growth one, or even the money one since after replacement you won't generate tax income anyway.

Like I said earlier, if it is multiplayer, you aren't going to get to androids without demo and lith, and either artifacts or +1 research, and then once you do, you can't pick all three androids, so you aren't going to want to ditch your own race as they are really good at researching (obviously).

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Postby Time » Thu Jan 05, 2012 1:50 pm

With Unification and Creative, you have two expensive picks and no pop max modifier pick.

Uni (6), Creative (8), Subterranean (6).
That would be my 1st choice.

Yes, you could substitute Aqua Lg HW for the Subt, but, since, you are Creative, you will get all of those food buildings and Gaia Trans, so, Aquatic loses some of it's appeal to me.
For single player, this should be a well rounded race.
Research the production buildings quickly, because, you don't have Prod+2 and want to get up to speed fast.
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