Marines & Commando bug

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Marines & Commando bug

Postby Rocco » Mon Jul 20, 2015 3:50 pm

The Commando skill is bugged for ground invasion as follows:
- A defending colony with a commando colony leader gets defensive bonusses as per commando description: regular skill 2,4,6 etc. advanced skill 3,6,9 etc.
- Invading a colony with a ship commando leader that has the same stats, you get a higher bonus: 5,10,15 etc. and advanced 8,15,22 etc. (bonus multiplied x2.5)
> Thus when both parties have the same troop stats and a commando leader with the same bonus, the fight is unfair.

Note 1: In ship-to-ship combat the values in the capture/raid feedback screen are the same as in the leader stats.
Note 2: A colony leader with Commando skill will give the bonus to Star Base defending against raids but not against capture.

The ship crew bonus (regular +5, veteran +10, etc) as described in the manual is only shown on screen in combat for raiding actions and not for capture actions.

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