Offsets for Antarian fleet size limits

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Offsets for Antarian fleet size limits

Postby Lord Brazen » Sat May 19, 2007 8:52 pm

Here are the offsets for the Antarian fleet size limits. These are 1.31 offsets. Add 0x8040 to these offsets for 1.40 patch.

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offset  -  Antarian Offensive Marauder

1F7D91  BYTE  Offensive Raiders
1F7D92  BYTE  Offensive Marauders
1F7D93  BYTE  Offensive Intruders
1F7D94  BYTE  Offensive Interdictors
1F7D95  BYTE  Offensive Harbingers

1F7D9A  BYTE  Defensive Raiders
1F7D9B  BYTE  Defensive Marauders
1F7D9C  BYTE  Defensive Intruders
1F7D9D  BYTE  Defensive Interdictors
1F7D9E  BYTE  Defensive Harbingers

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