Save game - Star & Planet tables

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Save game - Star & Planet tables

Postby Lord Brazen » Sat Aug 06, 2005 8:00 pm

I decided to post a little info about the save games incase someone wants to write a map editor.

Code: Select all

Star table @ offset 0x17ad3 in save game (0x71 bytes per star)

Index    function
------    ---------

00-0E     Star System Name (Null terminated string)
0f-10     X-position (lo/hi)
11-12     Y-position (lo/hi)
13        Star size (0-3=Large-Tiny)
14        System Primary Owner (0-7=player #, FF=unowned)
15        Unknown
16        Star type
               6=Black Hole
17-27     Unknown
28        System Special
               2=Space Debris
               3=Pirate Cache
               4=Gold Deposites
               5=Gem Deposits
               7=Splinter Colony
               A=Artifacts world
29        Wormhole leads to (0-7f=system #, FF = no wormhole)
30-38     Unknown
39        System has Warp Indictor (0=none, 1-8=owner player 0-7)
3A-3E     Unknown
3F        System has Artimis Net (0=none, 1-8=owner player 0-7)
40-49     Unknown
4A-4B     Link to planets table - 1st orbit (planet # 0-1ff, FFFF=none) - closest to sun
4C-4D     Link to planets table - 2nd orbit (planet # 0-1ff, FFFF=none)
4E-4F     Link to planets table - 3rd orbit (planet # 0-1ff, FFFF=none)
50-51     Link to planets table - 4th orbit (planet # 0-1ff, FFFF=none)
52-53     Link to planets table - 5th orbit (planet # 0-1ff, FFFF=none) - furthest sun
54-70     Unknown

Code: Select all

Planets Table @ offset 0x162E9 in save game (0x11 bytes per planet)

offset    function
------    --------

00-01     Link to Colony table (0-1fff=colony #, FFFF=not colonized)
02        Link to Star table - Parent star (0-7f = system #)
03        Orbit # (0 - 4)
04        Planet Type
               2=Gas Giant
05        Planet Size
06        Planet G
               0=Low G
               1=Normal G
               2=Heavy G
07        Unknown
08        Planet environment class
09        Drawing number - Background image on colony screen (0-5=image in planets.lbx)
0A        Planet mineral class
               0=Ultra Poor
               4=Ultra Rich
0B        Food Base
0C        Number of Terraforms done (effects cost of next one)
0D        Unknown (Initial value is based on Planet Size but changes if colonized)
0E        Unknown
0F        Planet special
               2=Space Debris
               3=Pirate Cache
               4=Gold Deposites
               5=Gem Deposits
               7=Splinter Colony
               A=Artifacts world
10        Flags (bit 2 = Soil Enhancement)

I haven't figured out everything yet, I will update this post if I discover anything else.
"Stars are holes in the sky from which the light of the Infinite shine through." - Confucius.

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Postby Flenser » Tue Oct 25, 2005 11:53 am

I meant to add this to the codespec (save game file format) back in '99:

Code: Select all



   struct s_nebula {
   00   sint   nebula_x;
   02   sint   nebula_y;
   04   char   nebula_type;                  // 0 to 11
00031BEF   struct      s_nebula[4];
00031C03   char      number_of_nebulae;         // 0 to 4

Can't remember why I didn't...

(Edit) My copy of the codespec has number_of_nebulae ranged 0 to 4, but my working notes have 0 to 3. I /think/ 0 to 4 is the right range.

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Postby siron » Tue Oct 25, 2005 1:15 pm

Welcome Flenser!

Thx for your post.

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Postby Flenser » Tue Oct 25, 2005 2:11 pm

Thanks, Siron.

You were kind enough to point me here when I posted my questions on your blog. I signed up under my pseudonym because I thought that Simon was too similar to Siron.

I have a few technical questions, and this board seems like the place to ask, but I'll start a new thread for them.

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Postby hellcatv » Sat Dec 01, 2012 8:12 pm

Thanks for the helpful information about number of stars and planet binary format.

I used it to help make a galaxy reflector to give everyone the same planets for fair games where no one gets an extra lucky start

Hope it's useful to other MOO fans[/url]

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