How do I edit beams.lbx from ICE mod?

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How do I edit beams.lbx from ICE mod?

Postby Rollo » Sun May 29, 2016 9:19 pm

Hello fellow MOO 2 fans.

Big fan of the game since years gone by.

I like MOO 2 but it's got some obvious issues. I like ICE mod which fixed many of them, but it left others open and made a few new and terrible ones I don't like.

In short I want to make the following changes:
1. Make the tech past the 1000 range take WAY more time to research. Up to ten times as long at the high end, wich much bigger price jumps between levels.
2. Dramatically increase armor of the defensive positions, possibly the amount of weapons too.
3. Greatly reduce the power of beam weapons so they can't so easily toast ground defenses.
3a. Make accuracy improving tech further up on research tree and if possible, give it less effect.
4. Put shield capacitors back to normal. Very bizarre change from vanilla. Shields are already overpowered in vanilla due to reducing a large amount of damage even when supposedly down. The shields would become more effective anyhow, with beam power reduced and more powerful beams taking much longer to research.

I've tried using OCL_Improved but I just get error after error.

I tried MOO workshop and it says "applying" and then never finishes anything and nothing happens.

I can't really find anything much on documentation for those. I am using the ICE mod as a starting point, so is there some tool to just edit the beams.lbx directly?

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Re: How do I edit beams.lbx from ICE mod?

Postby Rocco » Mon May 30, 2016 3:11 am

beams.lbx is a picture file that can be edited with the Picture Editor from the MOO2 Workshop.
assuming you are after changing weapon strength values instead:

- if on ICE 12
you can modify those and all your other points in 1 - 4 via editing the ICE config.
open the config ICE-M.CFG or ICE-X.CFG and directly edit there or read the 60page manual that accompanies the 1.50.2 patch to familiarize yourself with all options.

- if on ICE 11
same can be done by using OCL improved, with the exception of the Shield Capacitor.
first make an extract from the game settings using OCL and then edit settings of that text file to your liking and write them back to the exe.

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