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MOO2_MKLINK - Space saver

Postby generalmx » Sat Jan 23, 2016 12:39 am

I've been a fan of MOO2 for a long time (even making a guide on GameFAQs over a decade ago) but just recently found out about this forum and its mods, thanks to GOG; also thanks to all the wonderful mod authors who continue to work on a 20+ year old game! I installed ICEMOD, Vanilla, and VDC using up a combined total of ~32MB of extra space on Windows (rather than ~332MB per mod) by using this batch file, designed for a GOG install:

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@echo off REM MOO2_MKLINK.BAT - Create symbolic links to original MOO2 echo Dest Path: [%~1] FOR %%G IN ("Master of Orion 2\*.*") DO ( IF NOT EXIST "%~1\%%~nxG" ( IF /I "%%~xG"==".conf" ( copy /v /a /y "%%~fG" "%~1\%%~nxG" ) ELSE IF /I "%%~xG"==".lnk" ( copy /v /a /y "%%~fG" "%~1\%%~nxG" ) ELSE ( mklink "%~1\%%~nxG" "%%~fG" ) ) ) FOR /D %%G IN ("Master of Orion 2\*.*") DO ( IF NOT EXIST "%~1\%%~nxG" mklink /D "%~1\%%~nxG" "%%~fG" ) echo Done.
- Save the above batch file to a file such as MOO2_MKLINK.BAT one folder above where the "Masters of Orion 2" folder is (such as "C:\Program Files\GalaxyClient\Games").
- Create a folder for the mod such as "Masters of Orion 2 ICEMOD".
- Copy all of the mod files into the previously made folder.
- Open up the Command Prompt as Administrator.
- Navigate to where you made MOO2_MKLINK.BAT and run it like so:

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MOO2_MKLINK.BAT "Masters of Orion 2 ICEMOD"
...where you substitute what's in quotes for whatever you named the mod folder.
- Finally, here are Launch_MOO2.cmd and Launch_MOO2_MP.cmd that will work instead of GOG's shortcuts:

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REM Launch_MOO2.cmd cd /d "%~dp0DOSBOX" DOSBox.exe -conf "%~dp0dosboxMOO2.conf" -conf "%~dp0dosboxMOO2_single.conf" -noconsole -c exit

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REM Launch_MOO2_MP.cmd cd /d "%~dp0DOSBOX" "%~dp0GOGDOSConfig.exe" 1207661633 NET
All of this helped me save space on the Windows tablet I like to use to play MOO2, and I thought I'd share the little code I made. The code is given freely as public domain. Again, thanks for the mods!

- The General

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Re: MOO2_MKLINK - Space saver

Postby Darza » Sat Jan 23, 2016 9:18 am

Should be good stuff for devices with shortage of disc space indeed, as those mods differs with very little number of files. Just with modern PC's its way more easy and convenient to just keep them in separate folders, as there is no problem with space anyway.
Had re-read your guide, it was reasonable by the time of writing in most of places. Definitely not the worst there. Old games faqs from late 90-s by fans is a cute genre.

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