Max pop travelling limit

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Max pop travelling limit

Postby Overlord2 » Tue Jul 21, 2015 6:05 pm

The current pop travelling limit is 25 pop at a time. Would be greateful if someone could find a way to increase it. There is an opinion that travelling pop data is recorded into the save structure and won't be possible to change it without changing the save structure. Any thoughts someone?

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Re: Max pop travelling limit

Postby Rocco » Wed Jul 22, 2015 3:59 am

Interesting question from coding perspective.
Just took a quick look at the part of the exe that is about settlers relocation and also compared 3 savegames:
1. no settler reloc,
2. 1 settler reloc
3. 25 settlers reloc
As soon as even 1 settler relocates, the savegame will have many changes in it*, in well over 10 different locations.
(* do a relocate and save the game again, not pressing Turn)

Unfortunately a restricting table starts at 1AA4E in the save.
The first number indicates the number of settlers currently relocating 00 00, 01 00, etc
It is followed by 25 postitions for settlers.
No settlers looks like 5x FA 1A 10 01 and 20x 00 00 00 00
25 settlers will fill up the block.

To mod it higher, indeed the save structure would need to be changed.

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