Augmented Engines & Combat Speed SD Multiplier

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Augmented Engines & Combat Speed SD Multiplier

Postby Rocco » Thu May 07, 2015 1:53 pm

It always kinda bugged me (i like that word in this context..) that in ship design, when using Augmented Engines, a too high Beam Defense is reported. Below results of search for cause:

In Ship Design, BD is calculated as (combat speed + augs bonus) * speed multiplier.
As 'combat speed' itself is also increased when Augs installed, there is a double count an hence too high value as result.

VDC/ICE offsets:
Augmented Engines speed bonus in COMBAT: CA991 (default is 05)
Augmented Engines speed bonus for calculation in ship design AND main screen ship info: DA459 (default is 05)

Setting DA459 at 0 solves the calculation bug in design but introduces a calculation error in the ship stats in the main screen; combat speed is 5 too low and SD 25.
So it is choice between one mistake or another. (no influence either way on actual combat)

Related, there is the Basic speed multiplier, that causes BD to go up for a higher combat speed:
BB3EB (default is 05) sets multiplier for BD in COMBAT
DA45C (default is 05) sets multiplier for BD in ship design / main menu ship stat.
>> example at default: 13 combat speed leads to 13*5=65 basic Beam Defense.

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Re: Augmented Engines & Combat Speed SD Multiplier

Postby Overlord2 » Thu May 07, 2015 5:08 pm

Good addition, thanks. Though it looks to me its better to keep it the way it is now. Info on the main screen is more important than info in ship design window.

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