Colony spamming and terraforming

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Re: Colony spamming and terraforming

Postby Februarius » Thu Sep 26, 2013 1:38 pm

Thank you for your help. With GUI added this is now easy to use and very powerfull tool. And with little playing around you can create every scenario you can imagine, even my idea is now easy to implement. Increasing number of gas giants and asteroid fields and pushing planet construction way back in tech fields is all I need.

Do you perhaps know what are the vanilla odds between numbers of gas giants, asteroid fields and planets? Also can I mess around with numbers for huge galaxy or those numbers are maxed out?

Huge Galaxy:
-Map Width 1518
-Map Height 1200
-Star Spacing 30

Info only says it has to be a multiple of vanilla small galaxy values.

Another question regarding planet habitability. If I change population enviroment of lets say toxic planet from 25% to 0, will this mean that planet would become inhabitable? According to formula: max pop = size multiplier * environment multiplier

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Re: Colony spamming and terraforming

Postby Nirran » Thu Sep 26, 2013 3:01 pm

vanilla planet #'s of 60

no planet - 10
one planet - 12
two planets - 12
three planets - 10
four planets - 9
five planets - 7

vanilla orbit type #'s of 50
asteroid - 9
gas giant - 11
planet - 30


asteroid - 18%
gas giant - 22%
planet - 60%

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