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Re: 1.50.7 Fan Patch

Postby Rocco » Fri Feb 17, 2017 1:47 pm

A selection of the cool new stuff of the 1.50.7 patch:

    - Satellite and ground defenses auto design reworked:
      - List of weapon mods available is now configurable.
      - Space allocation per weapon type is now configurable.
      - Weapon mods now cost space.
      - Missiles spread evenly over slots, e.g. 1 1 1 instead of 3 0 0.
      - Up to 99 missiles per stack instead of 30.
      - Correct arc cost for beams in ground battery (was +0) and satellites (was +25%).
      - Ground battery space compensated by +50% for the increased arc cost.
      - Satellite space compensated by +40% for the increased arc and missile mods cost.
    - Leaving/catching up/levelling up of navigator affects fleets immediately.
    - Telepath and Telepath* skills now block Mind Control instead of regular Assassin skill.
    - Artemis System Net built/removed wakes up orbiting fleets now.
    - GNN news corrected for monster events, colony names and textual errors.
    - List of techs received on Orion now includes techs provided by Loknar.
    - Preliminary Lua scripting support.
... and much more, check the readme and manual for all the details!

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Re: Fan Patch

Postby Rocco » Sat Mar 18, 2017 1:31 pm fixes incorrect Plasma Torpedo dissipation on impact thats existed since v1.50.2 and we somehow missed it all that time. :?

In addition:

Game changes:
- Fixed a bug when GNN reports 0 RP to end the plague and prolongs it.
- Satellite missile amount distribution: 1-3 in 1 slot; 4 in 2 slots; higher amounts in 3 slots.
- Improved AI assessment of modded Fighter Garrison strength.
- Improved AI assessment of modded Hard Shields strength.

Interface changes:
- Fixed Jump Gate warnings appearing for fleets that are still at a star (1.50.7 issue).
- Help texts: corrected experience points description in Fleets screen.

Changed config parameters:
- Removed unused parameter Second_Weapon_item6 for event_dragon.

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