How's it end?

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How's it end?

Postby MechTheDane » Mon Jun 23, 2008 6:11 pm

As a rabid MOO2 fan, I pre-ordered this game and played it to death. Well actually my poor laptop would start having problems around turn 1,400...taking about 5-10 minutes to process a turn... and eventually nar turn 2,000 i'd just have to give up.

Point being, hows it end? I read the whole manual, I really didn't enjoy the new back story they created...seemed to take some of the edge from MOO2 but i was interested enough, it seemed to me that..the one old race that survived and didn't seem all that bad came back and caused all the Antaranes/New Orions to suddenly get owned...
Why did their population become depleted, what happens when you finally defeat them (After assaulting their planet 100 million times defeating one single ship), was the secret in the Antaren X's?

Is there even anything?
Or does it just end?

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Postby Time » Fri Jul 04, 2008 10:55 am

I never found out.
I gave up around turn 350.
With MOO2 a 2 player vs 4 comp game, on a huge map, could be started on a Friday, and ended Sunday night.
With MOO3, we played over 3 months non-continuously and I just got bored with it.
I stopped caring if I did find out.
If anyone knows, maybe, they could post the ending trailer (and their # of turns).
We could see if it was worth all that time.
MOO1 Fan, MOO2 Fan, MOO3 needed too many changes = hopeless, getting older waiting for a MOO4 (still).

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Postby JosEPh » Sat Jul 05, 2008 11:30 am

My longest game to date was 620 turns. Sole Survivor playing as Evon. It did take some time, but in my eyes (since I played it) it was one of the Best TBS game eXperiences I've ever had.

I played MoO2 for 7 years, MoO for 3, and I wasn't about to give up on III because of other players impatience. MoO3 has the most depth of all 3 in the series. MoO and MoO2 are eXcellent games but you can play them in a shorter timespan. MoO3 to have a shorter game Must have Senate Victory enabled. Otherwise a Sole Survivor or Antaran X Victory is to be played for days, weeks, and in a few rare cases years. That Evon game I played seriously for over 6 months (almost everyday at least 1 to 2 turns or more if possible. It took 2 years to finish completely, while I played other MoO3 games. My quickest MoO3 game was a Senate Vuctory, 231 turns and about a week's worth of evening play.

MoO3 is meant to be played for a long time, a True TBS'ers Dream (IMHO). A Tactics and Strategy game that you can mull over your strategies and implement those thought out tactics. It's Not a click fest as some ppl have complained. Well it can be a click fest if you don't immerse/involve yourself. Then you will be bored and claim it's a waste when in fact it's a direct example of play style eXpectations or perception.

The Devs wanted a Macromanagement game like MoO really is. But...there is just too much detail to leave untouched. MoO3 is Really a micromanagement game. I'll get arguments even today from those of us that Mod/play the game on a regular basis that it's a Macro. It's has a Macro shell but has a micro heart and the heart is were the game lives and flourishes.

JosEPh (MoO3 Modder and Keeper of the AtmoO Roll Call) :D

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