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Master of Orion III Modding - MOO 3 Mods

Postby MOOCOW » Thu Apr 28, 2016 6:36 am

I am wanting to do something with this game but I seem to be bumping into races that are seemingly hardcoded into their selection spot, which ticks me off, I never really actually played the game through with the patches, I never finished it without them either because it was trashy, my point is I am grossly unfamiliar with the patterns and formats used for the game so it is not going to be intuitive for me and I want someone to simply explain it now to save me the trouble if need be, I would rather not abandon this though because GalCiv 2 looks like a handful of Skittles after they have been in my colon, not to mention the ugly ships and general lameness of it which seemed to be intentional and directed at younger players.

I all ready have to work with the Species box only having a 3 Race limit in it, so I put X-Files on one and First Contact on another and so on but I want to get rid of the Species bonuses for the races or at least switch them around because of the moving of the Species and Race boxes I will have to do to work within this games asinine design, someone fill me in on what is hardcoded with regard to this.

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Re: Master of Orion III Modding - MOO 3 Mods

Postby Astax » Tue May 17, 2016 9:14 am

Why not try to mod Stellaris instead? I think that will be a game that could use some excellent mods :)

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